Next week we are launching our new Exit Playbook packed with advice on the exit process and some insights into how buyers behave. We share our Saleability Test which I first published in the 90s and have been calibrating ever since! The test examines 15 key factors which determines shareholder value. These are the issues that buyers worry about and the type of criteria that they cherish. We explore key questions on the minds of every owner including:

  1. What are some common reasons why businesses fail to sell, and how can I avoid these pitfalls?
  2. How can I reconcile my personal and business life as a business owner, and why is this important for a successful sale?
  3. What are the key roles of advisors in the business sale process, and how can I ensure I have the right team in place?
  4. How can I determine if my business is saleable, and what factors should I consider?
  5. What are some operational actions I can take to increase the value of my business before a sale?
  6. Should I keep my business and never sell it, and what are the pros and cons of this decision
  7. How can I ace the due diligence test during a business sale, and what information should I prepare in advance?
  8. How can I craft a strong positioning statement for my business, and why is this important?
  9. What are some ways to rate sales and profit growth, and how can I use this information to evaluate my business’s performance?
  10. Where can I find impartial advice when navigating a business sale, and what should I look for in an advisor?

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