I believe every member of the team is in sales. Especially the CEO. But sales starts with lead generation (well actually it starts with positioning, then great products then lead generation but you get my point). So how does a CEO generate great leads? The CEO writes great content. The leader is the closest to the company narrative, the soul of the company, so his or her voice should stay close to the overall messaging, the overall unique positioning. The following ideas are all capable of carrying that message which has the potential to drive the right traffic to your site.

  1. Discuss an ongoing industry issue eg private v public clouds, or the epidemic of bad code, or the technology that’s transforming the publishing industry/your industry and demonstrate insight and logic that reflects how you do business.
  2. Why customers choose you versus market leaders, or versus overseas competition.
  3. Ways the industry can improve its service levels.
  4. The flaws in the current legislative framework in your industry.
  5. Opining on a recent issue in the press concerning your industry, eg the forming of a new joint venture, the challenges of making money from internet radio, the inefficiency of TV advertising.
  6. Describing various challenges your customers are facing and how you are helping them.
  7. The essential elements of making measured decisions on procurement of services like the one you offer.
  8. An analysis of signals in the marketplace and what it means for the industry over the next 5 years.
  9. The challenges attracting and developing talent.
  10. Sharing insights that allow customers to fully enjoy the benefits of your product or service, especially if that benefit is free.
  11. Sharing successes you have had scaling your business.
  12. Choose subjects that you feel passionate about and then curate to focus on subjects that would be interesting to your industry.
The biggest mistakes I see – the CEO blog posts are too narrow, dry and boring or the opposite too broad and not connected to the industry.