For the vast majority of entrepreneurs (> 99.9%) you will never raise venture capital, you will never have 3.5 million followers on LinkedIn (Google) and you will never employ 500 people or more (US Census data states 18219 firms out of 28.7 million enterprises employ 500 or more).

But you can create a remarkable, fun place to work that is rewarding, purposeful, scaling and financially safe. It will require over time, the introduction of just enough process at just the right time and introduced in just the right way.

By making mistakes over 25 years, I’ve created some great processes that nail your major challenges including: positioning, marketing, sales, metrics, talent, and acquisitions. I offer these playbooks in a practical digestible way to allow leadership teams to validate their own process or create a better one. Choose a subject and hyperlink that’s a priority for you:

  1. Positioning – Positioning.
    Positioning is your most urgent issue.
  2. Marketing – Small Business Marketing 10 Process Tips.
    How to Drive Alignment between Sales & Marketing.
    Marketing is Your Story & Sales is Your Prospect’s Story.
  3. Sales – Sales Process Implementation.
    Prime Process – Diagnostic Selling
    (Type Sales into the search box on my blog page for hundreds of specific tips)
  4. Metrics – What I Know About Management Dashboards.
    Metrics Implementation.
    A New Role for the Finance Team.
  5. Talent Management – Strategies to Acquire World Class Talent.
    Zero-Based Roles.
    What do we want from a Job?
    Performance Profiles & Requirements of Leaders.
  6. Acquisitions – The Acquirer’s Playbook
    Public Companies – Building M&A Expertise requires a Playbook.

I really hope some of these help with the challenges you face as you scale your business.
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The Portfolio Partnership executes and manages process maps for clients alongside management teams in a symbiotic relationship to scale your business to the next level.